8 Important Webpages that Every Professional SEO Should Know

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Before dwelling on the topic, it is important to make it clear that in SEO every web page is a standout or landing page. And this suggests that every single page is indexable as well as crawlable by the search engines.

8 Webpages that Every Professional SEO Should Know

Now the question rise is what makes a good landing page? Numbers of possible answers are there to these questions that mainly do with the usability, design, conversions, etc. Let’s look at some of the important features of an effective landing page.

• Addresses the requirements, needs, and wants
• Entices users to get the answer businesses offer
• Captures the attention of the visitors
• Redirect customers to take a specific action
• Induces users to do so
• Answers all the relevant and important questions

Now keeping all these considerations in mind, it is important to comprehend that all the pages on a website need the attention of an SEO professional.
Remember, if a page is appropriate to the user, it is indeed important to SEO.

With that viewpoint in mind, let’s discuss the imperative webpages of the optimization operation and check out the reasons why they are so important.
Types of Pages that Every Professional SEO should Heed to

1. Home Page

The homepage is typically one of the single stayed webpages of any given website. Whether user first lands on the home page first or navigate through the internal page, there are certain prospects of the users in terms of the findings. The home page should offer a universal opinion about the offerings of the site.

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It must have the ability to offer the big depiction of the offerings that businesses provide and why people should engage in doing business with the said service provider. It also turns as an entrance for the guest to arrive as well as to start the journey to the site where the users will get more particulars regarding what has been offered to them.

2. About Us Page

Reports have established that the users who have been to the About Us page of the site are more potential to convert into buyers than the ones that don’t. Now, this particular stat can show either one as a result or a symptom.

• Result

Users visiting the About Us pages are prejudiced by the content and are more likely to transform, given they have been satisfied with the facts they required to know.

• Symptom

Users about to convert, check out the About Us section of the site thoroughly before they commit.

It is important to note that this page is an important part of the conversion process and this suggests that the About Us page plays a vital role in driving relevant traffic to the site.

3. Contact Us Page

Possibly, only one strong reason is there when a user intentionally navigates to the Contact Us page and it is that the user wants to have the contact details of the business. They might make the opportunity to make a call, send an email or might just want to know where the business is located. Probably this ultimate option allows businesses with the fodder of prime optimization.

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It is important to make it easy for the users to contact the businesses because this is the primary engagement page. In case, a number of people are visiting the Contact Us page and do not get engaged, there could be a sign that businesses are making it difficult.

4. Product Category and Sub-Category Pages

These pages offer some great optimization opportunities. They are highly effective during the buying cycle and they serve buyers who are in the spending stage. The ultimate goal of these pages is to offer access to the options that are usually the detail pages of the actual product.

In most of the cases, the product group pages are not more than the gateway pages. While it is true that the users can revisit the pages on regular basis but the service providers can pass them over to the offerings. When it comes to SEO level, these pages are an optimization rich resource.

5. Blogs Posts

Any given website has got a limit on the number of pages that can be added before it gets cluttered and starts interfering with the overall process of conversion. But to make it more elegant, there is no fixed limit to the total number of relevant topics that one can optimize for. And this is where the importance of the blog posts comes into foreplay.

6. Product Based Detail Webpages

These pages become useful when a guest is in the buying phase of the transactions cycle and this is when they head for a number of product detail pages. When users move on to buy anything from the site, this suggests that they have gathered adequate information to know in details what they actually want. This allows them to look at some of the fine details and let them decide on the version of the product they want and who wants to buy it from.

7. FAQ Pages

In the present context of Google answer boxes, sections like help and FAQ pages have turned highly significant than before. Most of the business owners want to ensure that all the questions are answered through the website. In this regard, FAQ pages offer a decent catch for the requested information.
These pages are available in the ready-made format and they allow the write-ups to seem in the desired response box. It is important to ponder upon the set of questions that value replying. This will help the businesses to start with the FAQ page.

8. Blog Category and Tag Pages

Each and every blog needs to have categories that each of the posts goes into. In case a user desire, he/she can, of course, take a further step and tag the posts with keywords that are relevant for. The visitors or readers coming to navigate through the blogs can make use of these categories and tags to find out more relevant content. And this is known as good blogging.

Final Words

In case you do not find the pages that are available on your site, it does not suggest that they are less useful or important. Just keep in mind that each and every web page is a standout page that suggests every page can and should be optimized properly. It is not just for the traffic from search engines but also for the conversion as well as usability.