Know about the Need and Importance of Choosing Varied Kinds of Links

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Although link building is extremely important, a few things about this digital marketing strategy stand to be outright annoying. For instance, image links, anchor texts, and nofollow are generally not accepted by clients because they are believed to cripple a website. Directory links are considered absolutely useless and guest posts could get one penalised. When looking out for link profiles that could effectually contribute to a site’s rankings, I move on to notice if there is variety in terms of the options available.

According to the renowned providers, who specialise in offering quality services of search engine optimisation in India, every webmaster has their own set of exclusive techniques for building links. While some do not like being on the same page as their competitors, there are a few wishing to be on webpages with fifty other links. Some do not opt for the links lying below the top fold and there are others, who hate to go for a page that already has three or more outbound links.

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In the present times, a large number of blogs and articles are written on link building, due to which almost everyone has acquired profound knowledge on the said subject. But lack of broad outlook has compelled webmasters to choose only specific kind of links, which is really a very big issue. In the following write-up, I have jotted down a few solutions that might help. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

•   Top-notch professionals conducting search engine optimisation in India have stated that any tactic when overdone could generate disappointing outcomes. For instance, there are many link profiles that focus on nothing but social bookmarks. Well, bringing forth variation is the key to success. Suppose you have always tried to procure links by fabricating guest posts but if you get an exceptional opportunity to use resource pages for hosting links, you must not be afraid to take it.

•   Your website would appear spammy if it has only one type of link throughout. There is no need to reject nofollows. If a particular site is providing you the chance of procuring nofollow, make sure to conduct a thorough research and go for it after being completely satisfied. The traffic drawn would be worth all effort. Do not criticise profiles that use many links and all of different kinds. Also a site must not be deemed bad just because instead of adhering to age-old rules, it is trying to do something unique.

•   With so many options out there, finding a healthy profile is often quite challenging and time-consuming. Well, according to me an ideal link building website would have diverse types of links and some of those include:

1. Guest posts.
2. Nofollow attributes.
3. Local citations depending upon address.
4. Local citations depending upon URLs.
5. Image links.
6. Social links.
7. Directory links.
8. Reviews.
9. Sponsored posts.
10. Pingbacks.
11. Negative and positive mentions.
13. Redirects.
14. Interviews.
15. Roundups.
16. Monthly or weekly columns.
17. Forums.
18. Widgets.
20. Mentions having no link.

It is true that bad or links of inferior quality could be terrifying and have adverse impacts but make sure not to turn down a link just because it is different from the type you use. Instead indulge in comprehensive research and see if it is something worth a shot.