5 Tips to Follow to Increase Your Google Rankings

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Every site owner wants to improve their search engine visibility. It helps them to drive traffic to their website and enables them to achieve their conversion goals. However, enhancing search engine visibility is not as easy as it seems. In this post, we will discuss about the five best techniques that will help you to increase your Google ranking and improve your search engine visibility.


5 Tips to Follow to Increase Your Google Rankings


#1 Optimise for Mobile

Google has clearly mentioned the fact that with mobile-first indexing they will use the mobile version of a web page for its indexing and ranking. In a situation like this if you want to improve the Google ranking of a site, then you have to focus on building a mobile-friendly responsive website that will help you to pass Google’s mobile-friendly test.


Google also use the page speed of a website as an important mobile search ranking factor. Many site owners end up using too many large images on their website in order to improve its aesthetic value. But large images also increase the load time of their website. To avoid this complication site owners are always recommended to use small images on their website. It will increase the page speed of the site and make it mobile-friendly.



#2 Speed Up your Website

The load speed of a website is an important ranking factor. Due to this reason, owners are always recommended to speed up their website. We have already revealed a technique that you can follow to speed up your website. Meanwhile, you can also follow the below tips to improve the load speed of your site:

  1. Reduce redirects
  2. Leverage browser caching
  3. Enable compression


You can use the Google PageSpeed tool to benchmark the performance of your website.



#3 Sound Foundation

Poor website structure and information architecture will affect every SEO campaign. If your website is difficult to navigate (for your users), and crawl (for Google), then your website ranking will surely suffer. So, in this stage, you have to focus on improving the navigation of your site. Meanwhile, you also have to:

  1. Perform a technical SEO audit
  2. Fix duplicate content



#4 Work on the Links

In the last few years, Google has changed its algorithm a lot. But links are still one of the most important ranking factors. Both internal and external links have a huge influence on the ranking of a website. Check out here some of the key tips that you need to follow for polishing up your link game:

  1. Fix broken links
  2. Use exact anchor text



#5 On-Page Optimisation

You have to focus on the on-page elements of your site in order to optimise it at an advanced level. Check out here some of the best on-page optimisation tips:

  1. Write unique and descriptive titles
  2. Create brief and clickable meta descriptions



So, these are the five tips that you need to follow to increase the Google ranking of your site. Hope the post was informative and you have enjoyed reading it.