Complete SEO Guide to Rank Your Landing Page Higher on SERP

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When your page starts getting higher ranking over the SERPs for a trendy keyword, nothing seems more worthwhile than that.

It is a matter of concern that in most of the cases, we are not aware of the fact that it is the incorrect page. It remains no doubt that the page belongs to the site, but in reality, it is not even nearby to the perfect match for the query made by a visitor.

Irrespective of the fact that your site is getting higher rankings and you have quality content, it is certain that you will face the following consequences.

  • The rate of conversions will go down
  • Bounce rate will increase
  • CTR will decrease

Below in this post, you will get a checklist of the most useful action that would help to put everything in the right order. Follow the steps that come under keyword optimization and get the results.

Complete SEO Guide to Rank Your Landing Page Higher on SERP

Keyword Optimization

The page getting higher ranking as an alternative to the one that is intended for might have some rudiments with better optimization for target keywords. Let’s know ways that would help you to get ranking for the page that you want to.

  1. Title Tag

Although search engines can easily interpret the topic of the page even without having the keywords in the HTML title tag, still it has great importance. It gains high visibility in three different areas – web browser tabs, SERPs and social networks. Things you should do to make the title look effective are:

  • keep the length of the title below 60 characters or fonts
  • make sure of the target keywords in a smart way
  • integrate the brand name in the title
  • consider using keywords in the title tag
  • get rid of using duplicate titles


  1. Meta Description

The Meta description is highly effective in providing more details to the content and assists it to analyze the fact whether it is pertinent to the query or not. This has a great influence on the CTR of the site. To make the description favourable for getting higher rankings –

  • make the characters count for a description for 155
  • try making out an ad from the description
  • never use duplicate descriptions as it might indicate as an identical content to search engines


  1. Header Tags

HTML header tags (from H1 to H6) are useful for structuring content and to show its position within the page. It also helps the search engines to understand the content in a much better way. Make sure to

  • optimize the headings for keywords
  • place heading in a hierarchal order
  • make the headings remain distinct


  1. Content

Content is the KING!

Search engines need some cues to find out the content. And keywords are the ideal indications one can integrate into the page. To make it even more effective –

  • try placing the keywords within the first 100-150 words
  • make sure that the content has a considerate length
  • use all categories of associated words


  1. Internal Search

Websites that have 20 or more pages, it turns out to be an ideal decision to add a search box on the site. The best thing is that you can incorporate it with Google Analytics and have a look at the queries of the visitors to the site. The date will help you to develop new keyword ideas and to have a brief insight into what users are searching for.

Keyword optimization is just one part of ensuring top rankings for the target keywords in your landing page. Many other optimization processes are there that helps to get the best possible rankings. To know them all, have a constant look at our next posts.