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The online marketing has altered recurrently within few years but SEO or Search Engine Optimization remains to be a critical procedure. This process ensures that a particular website is communicating appropriately to some of the famous search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Whether you are keen to craft a new website or update the existing one, we assure that the website is completely based on a firm SEO foundation. We do not charge abruptly like other online agencies available in the market and thus we have emerged as an agency offering affordable search engine optimization services to our clients.

What We Do

SEO India comprises efficient staff members and the focus of our agency completely lies on offering our clients with the finest outcomes. We provide personalized services to our clients by making certain recommendations that further creates a positive impact.

Our team of SEO experts usually incorporates effective strategies while working on the extant technical SEO of our clients. They also conduct their entire work through the following procedures:


Site Assessment and Identification of Goals

We efficiently assess the framework of a particular website along with the SEO foundation and have a complete discussion with our clients regarding their targeted goals. We ask about their personal preferences while redesigning the website and strive to offer them with best possible SEO services.


After checking out the framework and having an interaction about the targeted aim, we competently make research on the websites of our clients in order to find out certain strategies that would work best when formulated in the site.

Strategy Review

Once we figure out the action plan, we usually review it with our clients and confirm their queries if they have any. We further make an appropriate plan before implementing the strategy. We match the requirements of the clients to offer them affordable SEO services.

Implementation and Performance Review

After implementing the strategies on the sites we check out the reviews on a daily basis and update our clients with the reports. We make our clients determine the strategies that have worked positively. We further discuss certain policies that we can incorporate to improve the outcomes.

SEO Facts

In a business, the numbers tend to matter the most instead of the words. It is obligatory for the online business owners to have an appropriate count on the search rates and the users. We make sure that after availing services from our end, the clients get the optimum value for their investments in terms of affordable search engine optimization services in India. Below mentioned are some SEO related facts that you must take a glimpse:

1.    Almost 61% worldwide users make use of the Internet in order to research about the features and rates of a required product.

2.    Search Engines are usually regarded as the initial point of getting started for almost 44% of the estimated online shoppers.

3.    Most of the users are highly reliant on the first page of the search engines. They hardly take any attempt to make their search on the subsequent pages of search results.

4.    More than 130 billion searches are done in a single month.

Based on the above stats and facts, the importance of having best and the affordable search engine marketing and optimization services in India or in any given business location becomes indispensable.

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The Four Step Procedure

SEO India follows a four-step procedure to assure our clients with the best possible results. The steps, on the basis of which we conduct our entire working process, are as follows:


Site Audit

The SEO experts examine the websites initially and plan effective strategies to improve the existing website. We craft those strategies within the websites in such a manner that would assure success in all search engines. We also prepare a complete list of certain areas in a website that needs recordation for maximum success in order to establish domination of our clients with their products and services.


Industry and Market Analysis

Our team makes a complete analysis and identifies certain links that would turn to be the most beneficial aspects of your trade. We also analyze the present market and conduct our work in accordance with the policies that would bring the finest outcomes. We also craft a list of keywords that would possibly enhance the count of searches and visitors to your website.


Keyword Research

We efficiently figure out certain keywords that possess the highest volume of searches. This will help your site to gain a secured position within the initial pages of search engines and helps in assuring you with the best ROI OR Return on investment. Based on the range of our affordable SEO services in India, we make sure that the websites top rankings on search results.


Developing Effective Strategies

The final step that we follow is to craft an operative action plan in order to develop some contents comprising effective keywords. Apart from this, we also use link- building services as well as we also develop certain tactical interlinking in order to assure success. This primarily focuses on appropriate content marketing that is indeed the significant aspect of the organic SEO. All these factors provide us with a statue of an agency offering affordable search engine optimization services in India.

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